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“We are excited to partner with you and your organization to provide additional privileges and benefits to our members, while also sending new business your way through our Merchant Partner Program Roster on the PHTC website.”
As a Merchant Partner of PHTC, you can offer exclusive discounts, promotions, and other benefits to our members, while also gaining exposure through our website. By joining our Merchant Partner Program Roster, your organization can benefit from increased visibility and reach among our members, who are actively seeking products and services that align with their interests.

The benefits of joining our Merchant Partner of PHTC Program

1. Reach a Targeted Audience: Our members are passionate about marketing and related industries, making them a highly targeted audience for your products and services.

2. Gain Exposure: As a Merchant Partner, your organization will be listed on our website, giving you increased exposure and visibility among our members.

3. Boost Sales: By offering exclusive discounts and promotions to our members, you can attract new customers and increase sales.

4. Build Relationships: By partnering with PHTC, you can build relationships with our members and establish your organization as a trusted partner within the industry.

5. Drive Traffic: Our Merchant Partner Program Roster is a great way to drive traffic to your website and generate new leads.

In summary, by becoming a Merchant Partner with PHTC, you can reach a targeted audience, gain exposure, boost sales, build relationships, and drive traffic to your website. We look forward to partnering with you to offer more privileges and benefits to our members.




*Unique benefits that are attractive to our members


We’re excited and look forward to providing our members with access to your products and services at a discounted rate and other forms of benefits. To get started, please fill out the following partner form.



Agreement and Terms

  1. By accomplishing the form, you agree to offer our members the discount or other benefits outlined above.
  2. You agree to promote this offer professionally and ethically.
  3. You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to advertising and marketing.
  4. You agree to provide us with any promotional materials or information we may need to promote this offer to our members.
  5. You agree to notify us immediately of any changes to this offer, including changes to the discount, restrictions, or expiration date.
  6. You agree not to offer at discounted rates public seminars/ training programs that directly compete with PHTC’s programs.